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Our Lady of the Red Skirt

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About Me


Singing Blessings Shamanic Healing for Women

In my singing, I create an interchange between the silent forces of nature and the intentions of my ancestors.

 I don't sing for performance or for aesthetic purposes: my functional singing seeks to bring people into alignment with their own true natures. 

Slowing down to human speed, singing can help us remember who we are, and what we need to do to bring ourselves back into alignment with our souls.

Soothing and comforting, singing is magic that connects the material with the spiritual.

My singing is not therapy; it can supplement therapy.

Who might benefit?

Women who have depression, or overwhelm. 

Menstrual issues. Women's bleeding issues.

Feeling like you don't remember who you are. 

And many other issues.

My office is at 3539 Thaxton, in Fringecrest, next to The Source on Carlisle, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Fragrance Free!

By Donation

Via Ver (from dream image)

Lissa Callirhoe


Some of my experience:

Born in Ohio in 1951; resident of New Mexico since 1957. Lithuanian and Northern European ancestry.

Toning and music therapy under Susan Elizabeth Hale, 1990s

Certificate in Bedside Singing Training from Marti Mariette, Threshold Choir, 2012 and 2013 

Singing Director of Women's Spiritual Group under the leadership of Pamela Beveridge, 2005

Co-founder and leader of WomenSpirit!, a group for women  exploring aspects of  women's spirituality, 2006-7

Founder of ABQ Threshold Choir 2008

Bedside singing in ABQ and Palo Alto, CA 2009-2012 

Master's Degree in Women's Spirituality, Institute Of Transpersonal Psychology, CA, 2012

Our Lady of the Red Skirt

Bleeding Woman's Flow Creates the World

Women's Moon flow is sacred. We can regreen Earth by planting drops of our Moon flow blood.  This planting will lead to healing, through reconnecting us back to Earth. And some of our drops will grow into new versions of ancient wisdom. 


Our Lady of the Red Skirt  

Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared, years ago, in Mexico, during the time of transition from native rule to Spanish rule. She appeared as a sign of hope and help, a miracle beacon of the possibility of combining what had been into what was becoming. 

Our Lady of the Red Skirt appears now to help us make the transition from a time of despising women's Moon blood to a time of honoring this mystery of life. 

I had this dream on August 30, 2017: "I see many people worshiping the spirits of the land, in joy and also in consolation for the pain…A man picks up a large four-foot-tall doll, an icon of the worshipers, and places her on the offended places, spreading out her skirt to cover the rough places, sitting on Mama's wounded places." 

Men carry Our Lady in procession as a public celebration of the gift offered privately. 

In this celebration, we honor women's bleeding and the drops of blood planted: we reclaim the sacredness of the blood. 

Women honor their blood in an evolving process of learning what it means to be human, and relearn the technology of working with the blood and the womb to gain access to the womb's infinite wisdom. 

Supported by the whole community, women can go deeper into the mystery of the womb to retrieve answers to the questions of survival.



All women

privately bleed





In public ritual

              (men help)

sing Our Lady of the Red Skirt

into Being!


Grow Spirit magic !





From a cassette recorded by Brooke Medicine Eagle: 

A woman's Moon time cycle shows her the patterns of creation, the mysterious renewal of life. Whether the bringing forth of a child, a healing way, or a song, each Moon is a gift of vision.


"I give away this blood of Life

to all my relations,

and I open my womb to the Light .

Give away, give away, give away, give away, 

I open my womb to the Light."

Simultaneous Singing to Bless Mama Earth



I first felt the power of simultaneous singing on Winter Solstice, 2012. Fifteen million people around the world all sang the same song at the same time. The few of us in ABQ who gathered to sing for this event,  were astounded at the feelings in our hearts, at the power of this unheard presence making itself felt in our bodies. We laughed, we cried… 

That occasion inspired me to start the Earth Caring Moon Singing. 

Beyond the effect of the singing our external ears can hear, when we are not distracted by the audible sound, our hearts can hear other hearts singing. Beyond the clatter of the mind, our hearts efficiently connect and assuage one another. 

In our simulsinging on Moon cycle days, we use our singing to engage this spiritual energy, to bless and heal Earth – and ourselves … there is no difference between humans and Earth.

Earth feels our connection; she feels this blessing energy we send to her and to one another through her, and she herself is comforted, soothed, and healed by our caring. How do I know? By piecing together bits and pieces from everywhere: senses, synchronicities, signs, books, teachers, and especially my dreams. 

Singing intentionally combines moral aims and inner convictions to bring unity between one's inner and outer voices, bringing us to the strength of our hearts.

Precious Moment!

In those 180 seconds

our hearts connecting



giving thanks to one another

the secrets of our hearts

opening to Love

in gratitude




reaffirmed in our work

Blessing Earth!

Singing for the Dying



 I  sing for the dying. I create sacred space for each place according to  the situation. Each singing is unique to the time and place, unique to  the people involved.

I sing mostly wordlessly, songs without  tunes, in the way my ancestors must have sung. In the space my voice  creates, I am aware, I notice, I follow. My singing seeks to open the  doors to the sacred, in whatever beliefs a person may have.

I work with clients, not on clients. 

How to Simulsing with us



On Full Moon and Dark of the Moon, we sing "Grace in the Wind" for three minutes at 8:00am NM time. (Harmony Grisman has given us permission to use her song as a prayer. Send me an email to request the written music:

I like to prep myself in advance: I set my alarm clock so I am on time. I set my intentions to bless Mama Earth, I make an offering, and I remember to praise the beauty all around me. As the coordinator, I start singing five minutes in advance, and I sing for about five minutes after the three, to connect with anyone who might be singing. (We all run a little late sometimes!)

Praise opens my heart and my mind to the enormity of the graciousness of Life.

Offerings create a relationship, a gifting.

Our songline has been laid down already. There are some who have crossed over who still sing with us.

Since we connect with one another through Earth, I like to sit on my bare sitbones, a practice that comes from planting drops of Moon flow blood.

I send out reminders before each Full Moon and Dark of the Moon, usually 2 days in advance. (I get my dates from the We'Moon calendar.)

Collected Reminders


Full Moon Wednesday March 20, 2019

Dear Singing Sisters,

On Wed. March 20, we sing "Grace" for three minutes at 8:00am NM time.

We have those precious three minutes, in the strength of our song with each other, to connect our hearts into Earth's colors. 

The day I saw the waterspout/ whirlwind, the mountains looked so blue they grabbed my attention. That blue was the color we used to see, before the grayness overcame us. I have been so blinded by the colorlessness of our world that it was painfu


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